The Royalist GOP

PatriotAction Network by Mr. Curmudgeon

Something strange is going on within the GOP. First, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich calls Rep. Paul Ryan’s pittance of a budget cut “right-wing social engineering.” Then Karl Rove appears on Fox and Friends, dismissing conservative presidential candidate Herman Cain as simply a “talk radio guy in Atlanta,” a “former head of a national pizza chain.” Rove then warns fellow Republicans that it’s “not just your narrative on Obama. It’s not just your own personal narrative” that wins the presidency.

Last March, the Associated Press reported that Rove established two political action committees to raise $120 million “ahead of the 2012 elections to help make President Barrack Obama a one-term leader and elect Republicans.”

The obvious question – one the mainstream media refuses to ask – is: “Exactly what kind of Republicans does Karl Rove expect to elect?”

I don’t think the GOP’s establishmentarians are nearly as worried about President Obama’s re-election as the media would have us believe. As Gingrich and Rove have clearly indicated, their enemy is Tea Party activists and the candidates they hope will end the careers of me-too, big-government Republican incumbents.