Prov. 23:7...As A People Think, So Will the World Be

The concept of sanctity of life is uniquely Biblical. It is a spiritual concept that means "holy or sacred unto God, inviolable, that which God has declared of great value." Note that the God referred to is not a god of natural forces such as was worshipped by pagans but a God Who Lives, Speaks, and Knows....even our very thoughts. The gods of the pagans were idols. They spoke not, saw not, heard not, and cared not. They were humanized forces of nature and humanized lusts and other appetites of men. In this view, mankind is but a part of nature and must live in submission to the gods of nature and the god-men who deign to speak for the gods. Thus prior to the coming of Christ, human life on this planet was exceedingly cheap.

Child sacrifice was common, as was abortion. The infirm and otherwise unwanted were either aborted or left outside for animals to eat. Infanticide was not only legal, it was applauded. Killing a Roman was murder but killing one's own children was an act of beauty.

Throughout history, nature-religionists all over the world commonly killed off their elderly as well. The Eskimos for example used to kill their elderly by setting them adrift in ice floes floating out to sea.

Half the population of Greece and Rome was slaves. Slaves could be used as human tools, sex toys, and even for entertaining blood-sport. For such purpose were gladiators used.

Ted Baehr points out that cannibalism was common as well:

"Historically, before the advent of Christianity, cannibalism was widespread. The flesh pots outside the walls of ancient cities were repositories of the bodies of the dead, cooked for the ingestion of the poorest of the poor. Throughout the ages, beyond the boundaries of the...Gospel, peoples ate each other in the cruel delusion that they would thereby triumph over their enemies....Thus, the Aztecs consumed tens of thousands in their perverted quest for power. However, wherever the Gospel was preached, cannibalism was abolished as men were born again to see with new eyes the sanctity of life." ("What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?", D. James Kennedy, p. 24)

For more than 300 years the Christian West has been turning away from the Biblical Creator while simultaneously marching back into nature. Eagle Forum's International Issues Chairman Cathie Adams writes that under the guise of sustainability, global change and the leadership of the U.N., the West is regressing "to primitive reverence of the earth, even capitalizing the first letter of the word: Earth. This same earth-centeredness prevailed before Abram was called from the Ur of the Chaldees, until the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob proved His superiority over nature."

(UN's Earth Dogma Abuses Children )

When man is nothing more than an evolved product of nature, as contemporary earth worshippers (ie., progressive seculars) contend, then his life has no greater value than the life of trees, insects, rats, apes, cows, and other creatures. Humanized nature does not confer the right to life upon any of its' creatures. All life is expendable, but man's life more so.

This being the case, the millions of people murdered by progressive Communists and Socialists during the 20th century were nothing more than the evolved product of nature, that is, human weeds, pondscum, and other undesirables in the eyes of their murderers. All were expendable in the cause of building utopia.

Once the freest, most enlightened civilization ever known, the Christian West has turned back into darkness, to reverence of nature and its' forces. The West has degenerated into barbarianism.

Today, barbarians is suits, dresses, and lab coats decide whose life is worth living and whose life is not. To facilitate this diabolical purpose barbarians have redefined human life in terms useful and pleasing to themselves and their needs. Thus mankind is called an evolved product of nature publicly spoken of as a "human resource" similar to other natural resources. The evolved product can descend into a vegetative state and also be labeled as uterine content, fetal material, and collections of cells.

With God banished, ridding ourselves of the unwanted is now just a matter of semantics. One moment you are wanted, thus human and worthy of life, the next moment you have fallen into disfavor, thus are unwanted and not worthy of life. Additionally, the worthy are at liberty to cannibalize the body parts, skin, and stem cells of the unworthy on behalf of alleviating the suffering of the worthy. It is all so easy, for it is just a matter of semantics, for with God dead words mean just what we need them to mean at any given moment.

And really, how can anyone protest against the doing of this evil when it is on behalf of curing and/or alleviating the suffering of the worthy? To not sacrifice the unwanted on the altar of the wanted is selfish, unenlightened, and barbarian. All who think this way are evil, say politically correct progressive barbarians.

Besides, all Gaia worshippers know that there are too many "evolved human products" already. Nature (Gaia) cannot sustain all of them. Billions of human parasites must be sacrificed on the altar of Gaia and allow for the return of pristine conditions so that the worthy may live well. On one hand, Jacques Cousteau believed that thousands must die daily while Ted Turner requires the death of around three-fourths of the earth's human population. On the other hand, Zero Population control requires the sacrificial deaths of all humans.

D. James Kennedy astutely observed that consequences flow as inevitably and irresistably from what we think as water irresistably flows through a broken dam. The Bible says that "as he thinks in his heart, so is he." (Prov. 23:7) As a people think in their minds so will the world be in which they live. Ideas have consequences, and the greatest consequences flow from what man believes about God.

Westerners for the most part have said "no" to the Biblical God Who decreed that all human life is sacred. Instead they said "yes" to nature and its' evolutionary forces, thus human life is cheap and we have a culture of death instead of life. The cheapness of human life is what Westerners want, and that is exactly what they have. The consequences of this choice are very real and tragic, as the catastrophic destruction and genocide of the 20th century, the ongoing holocaust against the unborn, the global market for slaves and for body parts, and the dehumanization of contemporary Westerners are testaments of. Symbollically, the flesh pots have returned.