Why America is Imploding

A recent Gallup poll shows 53 percent of Americans support making "gay" marriage legal. Maggie Gallagher, chairman of the National Organization for Marriage said the poll shows her fellow opponents of gay marriage have been shamed into silence.(source: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2723460/posts )

If the Gallup poll is an accurate indicator of America's moral condition then it is not cause for celebration but rather a harbinger of America's imminent implosion. History records that when moral corruption comes to fullness within a society then that society's death is nigh. When moral clarity and subsequent order are lost, then society is lost as well.

As George Washington observed:

"Of all the dispositions and habits which leads to political prosperity, religion (Christianity) and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens." ( http://www.wallbuilders.com/LIBissuesArticles.asp?id=101)

On the issue of sodomy and/or buggery, known as "gayness" today, founding jurist Zephaniah Swift, author of America's first law book wrote:

"This crime (sodomy), tho repugnant to every sentiment of decency and delicacy, is very prevelent in corrupt and debauched countries where the low pleasures of sensuality and luxury have depraved the mind and degraded the appetite below the brutal creation...." (ibid)

And once buggery (gayness) begins to prevail warned John David Michaelis, author of an 1814 legal work:

".....not only will boys be easily corrupted by adults, but also by other boys; nor will it ever cease; (for it will) soon lose all its shamefulness and infamy and become fashionable and the national taste; and then...national weakness, for which all remedies are ineffectual (will) inevitably follow (if not immediately then) certainly in the course of the third or fourth (generation) To these evils may be added another, viz. that the constitutions of those men who submit to this degradation are, if not always, yet very often, totally destroyed, though in a different way from...the result of whoredom." (ibid)

In this light, America is indeed a corrupt, debauched, pornographic, sodomitic society. And with reason, for Progressive "shock troopers of evil" increasingly control America's cultural institutions spanning the entire range from political to legal, educational, religious, and media. This point was made by Marlin Maddux in his book, "Public Education Against America." Maddux tried to warn Americans that public schools and universities are ultimately controlled by Progressive humanists (ie., Cultural Marxists, Socialists, Transnational Progressives) and that they are conditioning America's youth to "believe that everything is relative; there are no moral absolutes, no right and wrong answers. And that we are not to pass judgement on anyone or anything." (p. 39). This is moral relativism, otherwise known as political correctness and/or moral imbecility.

Moral relativism destroys moral clarity by making evil equal to good, lie equal to truth, unholy equal to holy, crooked equal to straight, decent equal to indecent, and lawlessness equal to lawful. Thus moral relativism shrouds the mind in darkness resulting in indecision, stupidity, and apathy towards evil. Moral relativism is moral imbecility, and our schools and universities are churning out more and more imbeciles with each passing day.

Moral imbeciles are those who cannot condemn Hitler or the 9/11 terrorists anymore than they can condemn the killer of our soldiers on Ft. Hood. Moral imbeciles are those who on one hand cheer "gay" marriage, "gay" sado-masochism and the teaching of buggery to our youth while on the other hand they whole heartedly support the building of mosques and the conversion of our youth to Islam.

Moral imbeciles are those who believe that trees and spotted owls have greater value than human life and that traditional American ethics are evil but that Sharia is good.

Moral imbeciles are those who make excuses for crimes committed by illegal aliens, and for the criminals who commit daylight flash robberies and who terrorize their own neighborhoods, vandalizing, beating old ladies, raping and murdering each other.

Progressive shock troopers of evil in collusion with unwitting moral imbeciles are tearing down the protective foundations of America. Moral clarity, that is, the ability to discern between good and evil serves as an invisible barrier against human predators. Behind its protective wall a well-adjusted society can exist; families can flourish, neighborhoods be safe, and morally-ordered freedom abide. However, when the barrier is pulled down, forces of chaos enter in and society falls into sexual anarchy, shamelessness, lawlessness, apathy, and eventually implodes under the weight of its' own corruption.

This is America's fate unless as Maddux says, we understand the moral and spiritual dimensions of the pitched battle for the hearts and minds of the people that is going on in our culture. For this there must be a "renewing of the American mind" by a return to Authentic Christianity. The greatest challenge, Maddux noted, will be to break the intellectual and moral stranglehold placed on the minds of Americans by the school system, entertainment industry and popular culture.

Americans will have to re-evaluate everything they have been taught as well as face up to the fact that they have been the unwitting victims of a very sophisticated program of psychological and spiritual manipulation and control primarily conducted by the schools but also by Hollywood and media.

Their greatest discovery will be that there is a living, transcendent God, "that they are each created in His image, and that He has a plan for their lives. That knowledge will give them purpose and a reason to live. And, if they have the courage to face these issues, there will be hope for America." (p. 270)