Sink To the Bottom With Me

Right Side NewsDaniel Greenfield

What do you think about Global Warming? It doesn't matter what you think. Not if you live in New York, Berlin, Yokohama or Karachi that is. On behalf of his C40 group, Mayor Bloomberg explained to the BBC, "Your job is not to ask the public where they want to go and get behind them. Your job is to tell the public".

But the BBC knows that already. They've been telling the public what to think for a long time now. And they don't need lessons on that from some parvenu yank billionaire. Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs and don't presume to teach the BBC how to disdainfully ignore public opinion for the public's own good.

While Bloomberg "leads from the front" in his Large Cities Climate Leadership Group or C40 group (the manufacture of Orwellian acronyms accounts for 30 percent of carbon emissions from climate change propaganda), New Yorkers are busy protesting in the streets over firehouse closings. Residents of the city are not concerned about global warming. They're worried about local incineration. Forget the tides and do something about the firehoses.

Not that his Imperial Mayorality is listening. Real leaders don't listen to the public. They drive tanks over them. As the mayors of Shanghai and Beijing, also members of the LCCLG or C40, know. The peasants may cry for firehouses, but what do they know anyway. Each firehouse emits carbon. Every time a fire engine races off to save an apartment building, metric tons of carbon is released into the software algorithms of climate change researchers. Better to let the peasants burn and save the planet.

"If you ask the public ‘is there global warming,’ 'is in 50 years the earth going to be dramatically different or perhaps uninhabitable,‘ their eyes roll. Nobody can think 50 years in advance", says Bloomy. Nobody clearly doesn't include the mayor. Fortunately the city is blessed with a leader who couldn't see a snow emergency coming two days ahead of time, but has no trouble parting the mists of time and seeing half a century into the future.

While snow was falling on Brooklyn, the Prophet of City Hall was pondering a distant future when the whole city would be underwater because too many trucks have been crossing the BQE. Forget Mayor. It's time the city got Bloomberg a crystal ball, a deck of tarot cards and something to gird his loins with, if he has any, and appoint him our seer and prophet. We've been shamefully wasting the man's time on minutiae like our worries about burning to death because we only have a skeletal fire department, when we should be coming to him with questions about the strange world of the future.

"Tell me Mayor Mike, will there still be mayors in the future?" "Yes, but they will all be underwater, have gold skin and be worshiped as gods at international conferences."

It's funny until you remember that the snow emergency which the city neglected in order to participate in planning conferences for Waterworld actually cost human lives. People died because the ruling class was too busy wrapped up in an underwater end of days to attend to petty matters like doing their jobs. In the winter they died in ice, while officials planned to combat the rising tides of the future with bicycle lanes. Will they burn to death in summer because officials are too busy pushing roof painting to consider the people living under those roofs as anything but carbon waste on two legs?