As It Was in the Days of Noah

Foolish Progressives and other historically-illiterate Americans celebrate "gay" marriage, a sterile union that nevertheless gives "birth" to pathology of mind and body, as a benchmark of progress. Yet it is nothing of the sort. Like postmodern moral relativism and our decadent "bread and circuses" sexualized culture, "gay" marriage is but another harbinger of dissolution and imminent implosion. What history records is that mankind "has been there" and "done that" and furthermore, these are ominous signs pointing to the end and not the beginning.

As Greece declined under the influence of the Mystery Religions, Roman males coarsely derided Greek males as "effeminate boy lovers" with good reason.

After defeating and taking control of Greece, little did Rome know that by importing the Mystery Religions into its' own religious culture that it would follow Greece into the same spiritually-induced cesspool of abomination, filth, and insanity.

As decadent Rome died, the obviously insane Nero took for himself two male "wives" (gay marriage) and aristocratic males turned away from women, and turning to other males, became as effeminate as Greek males.

However, "gay" marriage predates ancient Greece and Rome. Early Church Father John of Damascene tells us that Gnosticism, the seedbed out of which grew the Mystery Religions and Eastern mysticism (ie., Upanishads, Left-Hand Path, Tantric sex), emerged out of the pervasive evils and barbarianism of the pre-flood world. In our own times, Rabbi Daniel Lapin tells us that pre-flood barbarians were killing babies and engaging in "gay" marriage. In short, it was during the days of Noah that males married males and females married females.

Fundamentally, Gnosticism's central teachings are merely a restating of the Original Lie: you can be as God. This is Progressive Humanism. In its' materialist form it is "atheist" Marxism and secular humanism while in its' spiritistic form it is Liberal theology and New Age occult spirituality. The former teaches that beyond death nothing exists, therefore you need fear no judgement while the latter teaches spiritual progress (reincarnation) over millions and billions of years.

Contemporary Gnosticism is a compound mixture of the ancient Mysteries, Eastern mysticism, Theosophy, and Christian heresy. It is because it is outwardly dressed in Christian garb and speaks in Christianese that it is so deceptive. Additionally,and more importantly for our science-obsessed culture, it bills itself as scientific, for Gnosticism and evolution go together just as authentic Christianity and the Genesis account of creation go together.

Darwinism however, is a Gnostic myth. It teaches that the cosmos...including mankind....spontaneously created itself from nothing.

This being the case, man is his own creator; his own god.

The spirit of Gnosticism hates the Triune God to the extent that it consigns Him to hell while lauding Lucifer as the liberator of man, the first free thinker, and the genetic creator of man. Hence the spirit of Gnosticism is also the spirit of Progressivism's satanic revolt, which began in earnest with Nietzsche's declaration of the death of God the Father while simultaneously proclaiming the reign of "nothingness" (barbarian nihilism) or in the words of Fyodor Dostoevsky, the apocalyptic prophet of the 18th century: "Without God, all things are now possible."

(Progressive Satanic Revolt: )

Progressivism is Gnosticism in both its' atheist materialist and spiritistic forms. Progressivism lauds evolution (change), moral relativism, and "gay" marriage but devoutly hates the Genesis account of creation, immutable truth, moral absolutes, and the two created sexes, male and female.

As it celebrates "gay" marriage, it simultaneously celebrates the Devil as the first free thinker, liberator of man from God the Father, and as the Great Spirit of the New Age "One-Heaven."

From its' first appearance, Progressive Gnosticism has held out the promise of an earthly paradise, a heaven on earth. What it has done however is to bring back the days of Noah.