Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill H502: How It Will Affect You & Your Children

Massresistance The “Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes Bill," H502 (also S764 -- identical version filed in the Senate), currently before the Massachusetts Legislature, is actually more extreme than the previous version attempted last session. In fact, in our observation it is the most radical “transgender” legislation ever attempted in America.

Nevertheless, the passage of H502 is the stated number-one goal of the homosexual and transgender movement in Massachusetts. They have been devoting enormous resources and lobbying efforts to force the Legislature to pass it this year.

Here's how this bill will affect you:

1. Broad legal definition of “gender identity or expression” (Section 11) The bill creates an official legal definition that is extremely broad:

“The term ‘gender identity or expression’ shall mean a gender-related identity, appearance, expression, or behavior of an individual, regardless of the individual’s physiology or assigned sex at birth.” (Sec. 11)

Thus a man can simply “express himself” or “behave” like a woman to be legally considered a female! And the phrase “regardless of physiology or assigned sex at birth” reads like science fiction. Note that physiology has no reality for these activists. So-called "sex-change" surgeries are no longer the standard for attempting to reclassify one's "gender." Imagine what the words "expression" and "behavior" might allow. All of this opens the door to a Pandora’s box of legal problems.

2. Pushes transgender agenda into public schools and charter schools (Sections 1-5, 8, 9, 10)

Homosexual groups have fought for years to force schools to allow boys to dress and act like girls, use girls’ facilities, or for girls to be allowed on boys' athletic teams, etc., if they consider themselves “transgender”. This bill would prohibit all public schools and charter schools from turning away kids on the basis of “gender identity or expression” even if, in the case of public schools, they’re coming in from other districts.