Muslims turn Christian villages into cattleyard


There's more evidence being uncovered of a concerted campaign of violence by Muslims against Christians in Africa, as a new report from Compass Direct describes how Christians in two villages in Nigeria cannot return home because Islamic attackers have turned their entire villages into cattleyards.

The attacks have been documented by Obed Minchakpu for Compass Direct. They follows WND reports of Muslim-on-Christian violence in Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt, among others.

The report today said Christian farmers in Mdandi were busy in March harvesting crops when "scores of armed, hard-line Islamists – avoiding the surrounding Muslim villages – descended on Mdandi, destroyed the Christians' homes and drove them out."

Luka Zafi, a pastor of the Church of Christ in Nigeria, said there had been earlier attacks but none so brutal.

"They left and returned the second time with more of them, and all armed with guns. We could not fight back since we do not have arms to fight them. We ran out of the village, and they destroyed our two church buildings and our houses," he said.

His church membership of about 50 was scattered, he reported.

"A Compass visit to the village found Muslim Fulani nomads had taken it over and were using it to graze their cattle," the report said.

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