Cross-Dressing Weiner Pics Emerge

MailOnline Judgement day: Weiner's wife returns home to confront errant husband as newimages emerge showing congressman cross dressing and 'oiled up'By Oliver Tree

Beleaguered congressman Anthony Weiner is set to face his humiliated wife Huma Abedin after she arrived at the family home in Washington home earlier today.

Democrat leaders hope the pregnant Mrs Abedin will force her scandal ridden husband to resign - something he has resisted despite calls to quit from his party and President Obama.

Her arrival comes as a fresh set of images emerged demonstrating the shamed congressman's early appetite for exhibitionism as a cross-dressing teenager.

Mrs Abedin, returning from a trip to Africa with her boss Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has remained silent since the whole Weinergate sexting affair broke two weeks ago.

The National Enquirer pictures show Weiner protectively posing in a pair of pantihose and a bra as he smiles cheekily at the camera.

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