If Weiner is the Norm, then American Culture is Toast

Free Republic Has America been asleep, or what? Or, have we simply looked the other way as our nation became a debauched, sex-bloated gutter? Regardless, we have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing our younger generations to be programmed as amoral sex machines.

New York Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner has brought to the forefront an ugly aspect of America’s degenerate underbelly. In the past few weeks, everywhere you turn, you cannot escape talk of Weiner and his horrible behavior. The newlywed Weiner has apparently been engaged in taking very personal photographs of his body with his cellular phone and spreading them like a virus around the Internet to women he does not even know. Way to go, champ!

We have heard every opinion imaginable on why this louse did what he did. Many people say the man is sick in the head. Well, when you feed on sin, it does tend to warp your mind and blacken your spirit. But, like the chicken or the egg, it is sin that comes first and mental derangement that naturally follows.

On Tuesday evening during his radio program, “The Savage Nation,” Michael Savage was on the topic of Anthony Weiner. A couple of younger callers matter-of-factly stated that what Weiner did, called “sexting,” is a very common practice among the under-40 crowd. It was an “everyone does it” declaration by those callers.

The callers were rather nonchalant about the apparent fact that younger generations may think little or nothing about sending explicit photographs or videos of themselves to others on the Internet. Welcome to the 21st Century Dating Game!

I did an Internet search of “trend teenaged sexting,” and wow—it truly is an epidemic! On just that one search, I got almost eleven-thousand results going back a couple of years. Many of the columns were lamenting this trend, as if it were not the obvious conclusion of a society which feeds on the basest forms of “entertainment,” and places great value on the shedding of all sexual inhibition. Our culture says, “If it feels good, you simply must do it!” We have taught our kids that repressing sexual desire is bad for you.

People naturally ask where are the parents here? The parents, in large part, are products of the poisonous 60s and the “sexual revolution.” Today, the people of that generation of American revolutionaries are in power places in marketing, entertainment, music, Hollywood, and our education system. These people of the Left, under the influence of the prince of the powers of the air, Satan, have run a very effective social engineering campaign against the generations of the past fifty years. That campaign has served to erase or severely dull much of the belief in the importance of traditional morality.

The government-run public school system has been infected by the ideology of these leftist minions of hell, and now we see a few generations of grossly miseducated and undereducated Americans. The teaching of useful knowledge has been steadily and craftily diluted with a program of socialist doctrine and “self-esteem” pap, not to mention the hypersexual atmosphere that now even includes homosexual indoctrination in the classroom of kids as young as kindergarten.

The reality is that this has mostly been slipped into the school curriculum, with parents largely unaware. Parents have taken for granted that their kids were receiving the same education they and their parents received. I saw this illustrated recently when I was discussing the public education system with a dear friend who is almost eighty-years-old. I stated that the public education system of today is a wretched one which does not properly teach our children. She vehemently denied that to be the case. I told her that I have studied this issue and that the foul evidence is clear, but she would have none of it.

I suspect that attitudes like hers are the norm rather than the exception. While it’s true that many people have awakened to the sickness of our culture and the public education system, too many more are blissfully unaware of how truly bad things are with younger Americans and the public schools today. Too many people have their heads buried deeply in the sand, refusing to look around themselves at the horrible state of our younger generations.

What does all this have to do with Anthony Weiner? Well, just everything. How far have we fallen when what Weiner did is simply shrugged off by many in our country? The strange thing about this particular case is that Weiner is a hardcore Democrat, and as you may know, Democrats are usually unscathed by sex scandals—just look at the despicable case of President Bill Clinton and his awful behavior with women while occupying the highest office in our land.

Yet, with Weiner, the Democrats, instead of circling the wagon around him, are turning on him to drive him out of Congress. I thought this was quite strange, until I heard a point Dr. Savage made. He mentioned that Weiner was an outspoken critic of Barack Obama’s evil call for Israel to return to its indefensible 1967 borders. Weiner’s criticism of Obama and the close timing of the Weiner photograph scandal seem too odd to be coincidence.

Those of us who have watched this childish man in the White House have seen how he does not take criticism well, so how dare Weiner stand up to Obama on Israel?! The diabolical nature of Obama’s hatred for the tiny Jewish state would likely make him doubly venomous toward “one of his own” who had the gall to criticize him on Israel. Who knows? Dr. Savage may have hit on something there.

Regardless, like Tiger Woods’ mistresses, the Weiner pictures just keep on appearing out of the woodwork. On Wednesday, we awoke to a story out of the U.K.’s Daily Mail that more pictures, including a Weiner cross-dressing photograph, had been released by the National Enquirer, just in time for his pregnant wife’s return home from a trip to Africa with Hillary Clinton. Now, these pictures are old ones from Weiner’s college days in the early eighties, and he was apparently “cutting up” for some kind of Christmas party event, nevertheless, they certainly don’t help his case a bit.

Surely Anthony Weiner will be driven from Congress, as he ought to be. This kind of degenerate vegetable behavior is not fitting for anyone, much less a member of Congress. Weiner has shown that he not only lacks good judgment, but that his character is in the toilet. Whether this country wants to accept it or not, good character is extremely important in our leaders. Because of the scarcity of upstanding character and strong moral convictions in our nation’s leaders, we see the garbage that keeps coming out of our federal, state and local governments.

One disturbing aspect of this Weinergate story is how this type of behavior, “sexting,” has apparently become such a “mainstream” activity among younger people. Many of us may have only learned this because of Anthony Weiner. If Weiner’s behavior is the norm, then the American culture is toast. I have believed it was toast for quite a while now, but this Weiner photograph scandal only drives it further home for me.

I keep saying that it will be a miracle if we can reclaim the American culture and return moral leaders to positions of power. If anything good can come out of this Weiner scandal, it might help further awaken the American people to the rotten fruit (mostly Democrat and some Republicans) that needs to be purged from our federal government.