Americans, Defeat The Totalitarian Lie

byHilmar von Campe

I grew up in the godless Nazi state and studied its roots after the end of WW II. I know what it is like. I shudder when I now watch America heading in the same direction. Millions of Americans who cannot distinguish any more the difference between right and wrong help advance the destruction of our sovereignty and freedom. The closest similarity between Nazi society then and our society now is the connection between immorality and totalitarian system where power is achieved through lying. The lies as such may be different from each other but the principle of dishonesty and slander as basis for a society and government is the same. Americans like the Europeans and the rest of the world live in a shroud of lies but Americans did not live that way because our Constitution is based on Christian teachings. Then the government establishment began to arrange the interpretation of the Constitution according to their political and personal interest. Now we are being pushed by the godless within and from without in the totalitarian direction. The tea party on the other hand is a great step into the right direction.

There is only one possible reason for my escape out of the Communist Yugoslavian prisoner of war camp in October 1945: God took me out like the Jews from Egypt and got me back to Germany after providing boats where I needed them to cross rivers, blinded a Soviet patrol which came after me with a German shepherd and other miracles such as crossing the border to freedom in Austria when I left the Soviet occupation zone although an armed Soviet soldier at the border seemed to be blind and nearly collided with me. I entered the British zone and therewith the free world. Five of us had left the camp but I was alone. However one of them got also across the border to freedom one day later.