Marxist State Worships Goddess: Pachamama Wants Your Children

The worship of Pachamama, the fertility Goddess of Nature, is now a fundamental element in the law code of Bolivia, and Morales (in his commitment to Pachamama and to the ancient Incan religion of Bolivia) is supported by a shadow cabinet of shamans, who sacrifice llamas as part of this spirituality. Bolivia is perhaps the first example of a Marxist state that is religiously, occultically pagan. Is Bolivia a picture of our global future–a spiritual, nature-worshiping collectivist state, where Caesar is Lord? Will ecology be the “power shift” (Van Jones’s words to 10,000 young climate activists—to thunderous applause!) that joins pagan spirituality to coercive politics? An earth-worshiping “green agenda” will open the minds and souls of our youth to the iron grip of Pachamama. As Mary Poppins knew, “Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down!” Our urgent task is to teach our young people to worship the Creator, not Mother Earth.