NY's Good Sodomizing Seal of Approval: Welcome to entitlement sex

WND By Linda Harvey © 2011

New York now has "gay" marriage. The back-slaps and celebration will go on for weeks. The day before this historic vote ( a.k.a., "day of infamy"), Barack Obama spoke to a Democratic Party/homosexual donor dinner and shared his insights about social justice and the American way.

Obama said he looks forward to the day "when every single American, gay or straight or lesbian or bisexual or transgender, is free to live and love as they see fit [sic]."

The president stopped short of giving a thumbs up to same-sex marriage, although everyone knew he would be fine with that, and I'm sure he's congratulating New Yorkers right now. Besides, with the above comment, he has given us so much more.

This historic sound bite provides another glimpse into the working ideology of the free-world leader and his liberal fellow travelers. Long before he was fixing the finest health-care system on the planet, spending us into financial ruin and calling it progress, he taught us about "spreading the wealth." He's happy with people spreading other things, apparently, wherever they want.

This "freedom" will include much more than a perpetual pansexual pagan party. It will, and already does, include libel, slander, intimidation, corruption of youth, revolt in congregations, suppression of parental rights, revision of language, disease, loss of employment and loss of life.

Oh, and did I mention public sex, the porn explosion and public nudity?

Welcome to entitlement sex.

The New York crowd was on board with this concept, too, erupting into applause for Obama at all the appropriate moments. And why not? They live in a city that has already earned its Good Sodomizing Seal of Approval. More than 36,000 men who have sex with men in New York City are currently living with HIV/AIDS. This bleak prognosis casts a shadow on these "marriages," but no one wants to think about that.

New York City wears another red badge of courage. Its citizens abort 41 percent of all pregnancies. Is it a coincidence that sexual deviance accompanies rejection of new life and children? I think not. And it's also not a coincidence that this state boasts a string of governors who've had sexual integrity problems. Gov. Cuomo lives with a woman who is not his wife. How appropriate that he leads this state, for such a time as this.

Despite his barely restrained endorsement of homosexual unions, Obama has already given the "gay" lobby almost all the keys to the kingdom, and he didn't hesitate to remind them. They can teach homosexuality and cross-dressing to kids with presidential blessings, and call it an "anti-bullying" message. California may soon pass a bill that mandates positive "gay" lessons.

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