Needed: A Second Declaration of Independence

Jane ChastainWND

© 2011 On July 4, 1776, the American colonists boldly declared their independence from Great Britain. It is that act that we will celebrate over this long holiday weekend. But, let us not kid ourselves. We are no longer free. Over the years, we have sold ourselves to China, Japan and a host of other foreign powers.

The noose is slowly being tightened. As yet, we have not felt its sting, but the rope has already been lowered over our heads – and, make no mistake, it will not be long before we begin to feel its tight squeeze about our collective throats.

As of January, foreigners owned a whopping 47 percent of our debt of more than $14 trillion, and the lion's share of that foreign debt is held by the central bank of China, a communist power.

Our ancestors thought the British were tyrants. What are our children likely to experience under the Chinese?

"Do it for the children," has been the siren song used by liberal socialists in this country to take over more and more of our daily lives: education, after-school care, food, shelter and now health care. Are there any essential needs this president and the Democrats who control the Senate would leave to the individual?

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