The Abnormalcy of Our Times: What Satanists and Monists Teach

For the last few weeks, Churchmouse Campanologist has been publishing excerpts from the late Lutheran pastor Richard Wurmbrand's "Marx and Satan." The final chapter can be read here: That we are living in peculiarly inverted times goes without saying. The late G.K. Chesterton aptly described our age as "abnormal." Some of the reactions to "Marx and Satan" clearly reveal that abnormal times elicit abnormal reactions which range from Christians who though professing belief in God the Father, Who is Spirit, nevertheless scoff at the notion of hell and demons (spirits) to the following reaction from a self-professed satanist:

" A defense of Satanism needs only the Bible for documentary evidence. Think of all the thousands of earthly people, created in God's own image, mind you, destroyed by fire and brimstone (Sodom and Gomorrah), a lethal miscellany of plagues, and, to top everything off, the drowning of the earth's population, except for Noah's family. All of these devasatations brought about by a "merciful" God/Lord/Jehovah. What could a merciless god have done? But in all the Bi(ble) there is no record of even one death being brought about by Satan! So, let's hear it for Satan!"

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There speaks a contemporary Gnostic Manichean who posits the existence of two polar opposite forces at war in the world. One force is the "light" which he identifies with Satan. In the words of Karl Marx, Bakunin and other Gnostic Progressive revolutionaries, the devil is the first free-thinker, free-spirit, and liberator of man from Jehovah. Satan is also the genetic creator of man according to some Gnostics.

The force of evil is of course Jehovah, the creator of the "matter" which as defined by Gnostic materialist Karl Marx is "evil property" and by neo-Platonist Gnostics as the "body" in which the "divine spark" is trapped. Both definitions coalesce on the notion that "matter is evil"

"Harry Potter" by the way, also posits the Gnostic Manichean view. Note that Harry is free to lie, cheat, steal and engage in whatever evil he deems necessary in his war against the forces of darkness. Harry is the personification of contemporary Progressive Gnostics whose revolutionary communist and national socialist forebears killed in excess of 200,000,000 men, women, and children on behalf of the "light," or as they like to say, "for the common good."

Our age is an age of Gnosticism. The contemporary post-Christian West is Gnostic, whether materialist or neo-Platonist.

Emergent Church leader Rob Bell teaches neo-Platonist Gnostic Monism in his book, "Love Wins." Bell writes:

"There is an energy in the world, a spark, an electricity that everything is plugged into. The Greeks called it zoe, the mystics call it "Spirit," and Obi-Wan called it 'the Force.'....This energy, spark, and electricity that pulses through all of creation sustains it, fuels it, and keeps it growing. Growing, evolving, reproducing..." (Love Wins, pp. 144-145)

Known as the father of the occult spiritual New Age, Carl Jung is identified as a neo-Gnostic by Donald Watson in his "Dictionary of Mind and Spirit." Jung's monism is a neo-Platonist variant of Eastern mysticism's impersonal Absolute Mind. Watson writes:

"Jung uses the name Abraxas to refer to illusory reality in his neo-Gnostic text entitled Seven Sermons to the Dead. This was written 'semi-automatically' in 1916 by a part of himself he (called) Basilides. AUTOMATIC WRITING is more typical of spiritualist mediumship than of scientific method, but the result is a core text in depth psychology. Jung uses the name Abraxas to refer to illusory reality in his neo-Gnostic text entitled Seven Sermons to the Dead. This was written ‘semi-automatically’ in 1916 by a part of himself he happened to call Basilides. AUTOMATIC WRITING is more typical of spiritualist mediumship than of scientific method, but the result is a core text in depth psychology." (p. 1)

"For the second-century Alexandrian GNOSTIC Basilides, Abraxas was the name of the Supreme Being (that) generated Mind, from which came LOGOS, Understanding, Wisdom, Power and a whole succession of powers, principalities and angels in a complex spiritual hierarchy...Basilides (Gnostic teachings) can be traced to Indian sources, whose notions of MAYA and NIRVANA he also included in his philosophy." (p. 1) (source:

Very simply, Monism teaches that God the Father is not transcendent to the world He created and sustains but rather is a fully-dispersed impersonal animating force within nature/cosmos comparable to electricity or Absolute Mind or with Gnostic materialists, the animating force working through "natural laws" such as Natural Selection and evolution. In short, Monism erases the fixed gulf between God the Father and His creation (dualism) and then submerges Him into His own creation (man/nature/cosmos) as a depersonalized force into which man taps in order to divinize himself. This is what the apostate Rob Bell teaches.

Returning to the Satanist, note that in his Gnostic Manichean dichotomy sinless man stands between two battling forces, one of "light" and one of "darkness." In this view, sinless man stands helpless before the wrath of the "evil" Jehovah Who in creating evil matter (bodies) has "caused" His sinless image-bearers to fall into incest, sodomy, and murder. Having sadistically "caused" His image-bearers to do evil, the capricious Jehovah brutally destroys them. Why? According to the warped inner logic of the Satanists' inverted reasoning process, since sodomites and murderers are the image-bearers of Jehovah it must be that Jehovah is Himself a sodomite and murderer. Thus it stands to reason that He hates Himself, but since He cannot or will not destroy Himself He vents His murderous rage upon His helpless image-bearers. In other words, Jehovah has transferred His own guilt onto His image-bearers in order that He can then crucify them for His own sins.

Once we understand the inner "logic" of the Gnostic Satanist it becomes clear why the Cross of Jesus Christ offends Gnostics of every stripe, for it is they who are the helpless victims. It is they who have been crucified rather than Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, either the Devil is "good" and Jehovah is "evil" or the Satanists' mind is very dark and disordered, thus his reasoning is peculiarly inverted and warped. My vote is for the latter.

In his book, "Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans," eminent theologian Malachi Martin points out that Monism is a primary teaching of demons and that inversion of reality is a telling indicator of satanic oppression. In short, the souls of Rob Bell and the Satanist are in serious trouble. And as the West is in effect a contemporary Gnostic Empire, it stands to reason that the West is in serious jeopardy as well.