The Abnormalcy of Our Times: When Satanists and Monists Teach

Conservatives UndergroundLinda Kimball

For the last few weeks, Churchmouse Campanologist has been publishing excerpts from the late Lutheran pastor Richard Wurmbrand's Marx and Satan. The final chapter can be read here:

That we are living in peculiarly inverted times goes without saying. The late G.K. Chesterton aptly described our age as "abnormal." Some of the reactions to Marx and Satan clearly reveal that abnormal times elicit abnormal reactions which range from Christians who though professing belief in God the Father, Who is Spirit, nevertheless scoff at the notion of hell and demons (spirits) to the following reaction from a self-professed satanist,

“A defense of Satanism needs only the Bible for documentary evidence. Think of all the thousands of earthly people, created in God's own image, mind you, destroyed by fire and brimstone (Sodom and Gomorrah), a lethal miscellany of plagues, and, to top everything off, the drowning of the earth's population, except for Noah's family. All of these devastations brought about by a "merciful" God/Lord/Jehovah. What could a merciless god have done? But in all the Bi(ble) there is no record of even one death being brought about by Satan! So, let's hear it for Satan!"

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