Why Progressive 'Bolsheviks" Hate the Death Penalty

In a piece entitled, "Murder, Kill, Execute, Die," Barbara Simpson comments on Progressivism's war against the death penalty: "Californians reinstated capital punishment in 1975, but judging how the system has carried out the wishes of the citizens, you'd never know. Years and years of appeal after appeal." Capital punishment is "cruel and inhumane" the "equipment and facilities (are) cramped and inhumane" and on and on with one excuse after another, Simpson notes. (full report here: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=320637)

The clash between Progressives and individuals who favor the death penalty is at bottom a worldview clash. On one side are all who believe that all men are created in the spiritual likeness of the transcendent Creator and are to live their lives in accordance with His universal Moral Law. In this view man is fallen. From the very beginning men have been abusing free will to choose to do wrong rather than right. Therefore, in light of the fact of free will, all who abuse it to do wrong must be held personally accountable for their wrong choices. Thus, to deliberately take the life of someone else means that justice is served by the taking of the wrongdoers' life. Furthermore, in that the soul is immortal, life does not really end, for the immortal soul released from its' body finds itself standing before its' Creator, He Who is also Judge.

Some Progressives speak of a god which is in reality a dead god of immanent forces while others' flatly deny the existence of God, soul, and spirit. Progressivism is at bottom atheist naturalism, which claims that all that exists is either matter or Mind and the energy running through and animating them. Karl Marx, Lenin, Freud, Carl Sagan, and Richard Dawkins are of the former view while Hegel, Al Gore, Rob Bell, and occult spiritual New Age Progressive globalists like Robert Muller are of the latter.

Both views agree that the transcendent Creator is responsible for evil but that Satan is good, and is in fact the liberator of man from the evil Jehovah. Additionally, heaven, hell, sin, immortal souls, and free will are nonexistent. In this view, man is born good...he is sinless yet "caused" to do bad things by Jehovah, the creator of evil matter, and Who having been reduced by naturalism to an impersonal animating force of nature causes the doing of bad things.

Progressive naturalism is consistently illogical, that is, it is shot through with glaring internal contradictions. For example:

Whereas the "masses" are viewed as helpless, mindless, souless puppets dancing to the tune of the evil Jehovah, Progressive insiders are nevertheless in full control of their faculties. They can pick, choose, act, and think, and in fact see themselves as gods standing beyond good and evil. The creation of a New and Perfected Man has always been a part of the Progressive program, beginning with the Bolsheviks and moving forward to the National Socialists, and America's Progressives, both past and present. Obviously, Progressive god-men must possess minds and free will if they are to create a New Man, a godless New World Order and simultaneously wage war against the "forces of darkness."

In this light, it becomes clear that contemporary Progressives wage war against capital punishment, not because they believe that human life has intrinsic value, for they demonstrate their contempt of human life by their unflagging support of depopulation schemes, the sexualization of children, animal rights, hatred of traditional marriage, private property, and individual freedoms. It is illogical to promote the killing of the unborn but condemn the taking of a murderer's life. If human life is so valuable that even the lives of murderers ought to be spared, then Progressives would neither support abortion and animal rights nor view the "masses" as the evolved product of time plus chance.

So why are progressive naturalists determined to "save" murderers? Karl Marx provided the definitive answer when he said, God is the keynote of a perverted civilization, therefore that civilization must be destroyed...right down to its' spiritual foundations, which include free will, immortal soul, mind, universal Moral Law, and eternal justice.

Progressive naturalism is a satanic revolt against the Triune God and His created order, thus it ".... spurns subjection to any master whatever, whether of divine or human origin." (Bakunin, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, Fr. Seraphim Rose, p. 63)

From the first day of their coming to power, Bolshevik revolutionaries against the Triune God, having declared the nonexistance of sin and free will:

"proclaimed the abolition of the death penalty" but then immediately demonstrated the existence of both sin and free will by falling upon and murdering millions of men, women, and children:

"They killed prisoners captured in the battles of the civil war. They killed enemies who surrendered on the condition that their lives would be spared. These wholesale murders, organized at the instigation of the Bolsheviks, were followed by murders at the direct behest of the Bolshevik government....Having assassinated tens of thousands of men without trial, the Bolsheviks started their executions by verdicts of the courts....The beast has licked hot human blood...The man-killing machine is brought into motion." (Yuri Martov, quoted in The Black Book of Communism, p. 736)

Progressivism holds the high ground here in America. It controls our courts, universities, politics, Hollywood, and all other culture-shaping institutions. In the name of evolutionary scientism it has pushed God the Father out. In our schools it teaches as "scientific fact" that man is an evolved product of time plus chance. The human-ape of course has no immortal soul, no mind, and no free will, hence he is not a sinner but the victim of sin. This means that he cannot be held responsible for choosing to take the life of another when he has no free will and is in fact an innocent puppet dancing to the tune of unseen forces of darkness.

The America of the founding generation has been almost totally transformed by an evil religious worldview disguised as Progressive politics and its' negative-metaphysics, that is, evolutionary scientism. Because we have been deceived by Lies, we have not been fighting back.