Atheists name AFA in lawsuit to stop public prayer - don't be silenced!

Atheists trying to silence Christians from praying in publicJuly 14, 2011

Dear Friend,

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), a self-proclaimed atheist group, has filed a lawsuit against Texas Governor Rick Perry for initiating The Response: a call for prayer for a nation in crisis.

Gov. Perry has proclaimed Saturday, Aug. 6th, as a Day of Prayer and Fasting to "seek God's guidance and wisdom" for America.

The Response is a non-denominational, apolitical, Christian prayer meeting hosted by the American Family Association at the 62,000-seat Reliant Stadium in Houston.

In the lawsuit, FFRF spends as much time attacking your American Family Association as it does suing Governor Perry for publicly asking Christians to pray for our nation.

Specifically, in the lawsuit, FFRF says:

"...the American Family Association, an organization that advocates and promotes a rabid evangelical Christian agenda..." "...the American Family Association, a virulent, discriminatory and evangelical Christian organization known for its intolerance..." "...(AFA) has been outspokenly hostile and disdainful..."

The basic goal of the FFRF lawsuit is to stop and silence Christians from praying in public places, such as Reliant Stadium. If they win here, they'll take their anti-Christian lawsuits to other places.

Will you help us stand up to those who would try to completely silence Christianity in America?

TAKE ACTION The Response will be streamed live on If your church has big screen capabilities, we encourage you to stream this prayer event and invite others in your community to participate. Register your church here, so we'll know you are joining us in prayer:

AFA will not let atheists stop our plans to host The Response prayer gathering, lawsuit or no lawsuit. AFA is raising the money to cover this very important event. It is quite costly to rent the stadium and pay for promotions. Please consider making a generous financial contribution to help us cover the costs associated with this prayer gathering and to webcast it across the nation to anyone who wants to participate.