Is Fix In to Sink Ratings of Rush, Savage, Other Conservatives?

By Kathy Shaidle© 2011 WND

t the beginning of this year, a rash of stories popped up in liberal media, promising that the death of conservative talk radio was imminent – and this time, the critics of hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage insisted, they had the hard numbers to prove it.

The critics had latched onto a story that appeared in Crain's New York Business (a subscription-only newsletter), which announced: "A new Arbitron report shows Rush Limbaugh's ratings down 33 percent from a year ago and Sean Hannity down 28 percent over the same time period."

"Is right-wing talk dying?" John Avlon asked hopefully at The Daily Beast.

"Are we sick of Rush Limbaugh yet"? Alex Pareene asked at, adding gleefully, "We might be!"

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