Biblical Truth is Unpopular: Willow Creek Splits from Exodus International

Christian PostJeff Schapiro

Willow Creek Community Church is no longer an affiliate of Exodus International, ending a relationship that spanned across several decades.

Willow Creek spokespersons say they just wanted to rethink the South Barrington megachurch's affiliations, but Christianity Today reports that Exodus President Alan Chambers believes the church split from his organization to avoid public criticism.

"The choice to end our partnership is definitely something that shines a light on a disappointing trend within parts of the Christian community," Chambers told the publication, "which is that there are Christians who believe like one another who aren't willing to stand with one another, simply because they're afraid of the backlash people will direct their way if they are seen with somebody who might not be politically correct."

Exodus International is the world's largest ministry specifically addressing the issue of homosexuality. The organization holds that “Christ offers a healing alternative to those with homosexual tendencies.”

Chambers also said that he sympathizes with organizations that have to deal with political, social, and financial backlash, but says that is just a part of carrying an unpopular Christian message.

"Biblical truth is unpopular, and when you're supporting unpopular truth, you are unpopular too,” he said.