Tim Dunkin: Liberty Lovers are Counter-Revolutionaries

WorthReading One of the favorite memes of the insane Left is that those of us on the Right are “dangerous.” We’re “radical.” We’re crazy nuts who are just chomping at the bit to destroy progressive freedom, social justice, and all that other stuff. In short, they, using their lackeys in the media, academia, and other institutions, try to pass off lovers of liberty and traditional American freedom as being revolutionaries bent on destroying the hard-won “progress” that the Left has foisted off onto the nation for the past forty years or more.

However, regardless of how much they try to snooker the American people with their talking heads and one-sided propaganda, we have to ask ourselves – is liberty really “radical”? Is it really revolutionary to want to return this country back to a place where the Constitution really and truly is the law of the land, not just in word, but in deed as well? Not if the word “revolutionary” has any meaning – which as a word, it does.

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