Will Comet Elenin Destroy Us?..And: What about the planets lining up in the sky?

Creation Ministries Internationalby Dr Jonathan D Sarfati

Quite a number of readers have written to us about the comet Elenin. A number of websites are preaching doom and gloom about this, as they have done with planetary alignment. Dr Jonathan Sarfati demolishes these claims with real physics and astronomy.

What is a comet?

We have addressed the issue of comets in detail in Comets—portents of doom or indicators of youth? Readers may like to study this, especially for the strong evidence they provide against millions of years. This also points out that comets have widely been regarded as indications of looming disaster. Now the sensationalism has a pseudo-scientific gloss involving the actual comet. Read More: http://creation.com/comet-elenin