A Glimpse Into the Abyss: Lawlessness Rising in England and Beyond

By Joel C. RosenbergJoelRosenberg.com

The madness in London has gone from bad to worse. “Police in riot gear and on horseback were clashing with hundreds of rioters, fires were raging out of control, and looters combed the area,” reported the AP. “One video posted to the Guardian newspaper’s website showed looting even carried on into the following day, with people even lining up to steal from one store just after dawn.

The devastated area smoldered Sunday — in Tottenham, streets were littered with bricks and lined with overturned scorched trash cans. Two police helicopters hovered over the burnt-out buildings as residents inspected the damage and firefighters doused the last of the flames. Glaziers were busy replacing the smashed windows of looted shops.”

“This is just a glimpse into the abyss,” former [London] Metropolitan Police Commander John O’Connor told Sky News. “Someone’s pulled the clock back and you can look and see what’s beneath the surface. And what with the Olympic Games coming up, this doesn’t bode very well for London.”

The latest reports indicate protests and at times riots are spreading throughout Europe and around the world, adding to the chaos and lawlessness we’ve seen in Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya, Mexico, Somalia, and elsewhere in recent months.

One of the signs of the “last days,” according to Matthew 24:12, will be that “lawlessness is increased.” It would certainly appear that we’re seeing a rise of lawlessness at the moment. Consider the latest headlines:

•Eyewitnesses tell of London lawlessness •London Riots: Why the Violence Is Spreading Across Britain •Economic Uncertainty Leading to Global Unrest •Forced to strip naked in the street: Shocking scenes as rioters steal clothes and rifle through bags as people make their way home •Cameron Deploys 10,000 More Officers to Riots •Mexico town’s police force quits after attack •Somali militiamen sell guns, attack refugees fleeing famine into Kenya