The Evil Religion of Mass-Man Destroying America

After studying civilizations across the whole span of history, noted historian Arnold Toynbee concluded that the paramount religion of mankind is self-worship...of man as god. Elsewhere he calls this the evil religion of mass-man and reports that it was the animating force behind the French Terror and the genocidal regimes of the twentieth century. The Founding Fathers called this evil religion “mob rule” and viewed it with great fear. Simply stated, the religion of mass-man is the tyranny of completely unrestrained passions. The Founders understood that wherever tyranny of passions occurs, distinctions between God and man, male and female, truth and lie, good and evil, normal and abnormal, order and disorder, and rule of law and lawlessness always disappear, hence no man's life, family, property and freedoms will be safe.

Believing that the rights of life, liberty, and property were given by the supernatural Creator, the Founders embedded these unalienable rights in the Constitution with the hope that they would be protected from the power of government and attempted tyranny by mass-man, who in collectivist-form are today known as special rights groups.

Inflaming envy, hate, and other wicked passions has always been a favored tactic of would-be dictators. It was utilized by Bolsheviks, Marxist Communists, Progressives and Fascists during the twentieth-century, resulting in the genocide of over one-hundred million men, women, and children. Floyd and Mary Beth Brown report that Obama and his immoral henchmen are utilizing this evil tactic here in America:

"Obama is using the mob-incitement tactics of his mentor, Chicago organizer Saul Alinsky. The flash-point he used was justified citizen outrage over AIG bonuses. Now he has claimed for himself the right to fire people in private businesses. Using his new-media outreach program and his e-mail database of 13 million people, Obama is further attempting to influence policy changes through protests outside AIG offices. He has even organized targeted doorbelling activities in support of his plans." (ObaMob Rule, Frontpage Magazine, Apr. 13, 2009)

By and large, Americans have forgotten that morality underlies all decision making, from legal and political to spending decisions, welfare, abortion, and “gay” marriage to whether mosques ought to be built or not, whether America’s borders ought to be thrown open or not, whether Darwinism ought to be taught in schools but God the Father kept out and of course whether AIG bonuses are evil or not.

This being the case the question is:

Who is the moral authority empowering Obama and his progressive socialist followers to force collectivist policies upon the people of America? Whose moral authority condemns free markets, individual freedoms, private property, and self-defense while giving a pass to looters, public fornicators, trespassers, murderers, mobs, and terrorists? And who is the moral authority empowering “gays” to condemn all who dissent against the normalizing of the “gay” lifestyle? If the answer is by their own moral sense then it boils down to personal likes and dislikes.

At its founding America was firmly anchored by Christian tradition and the Rule of Law that is really a temporal expression of the supernatural Creator’s universal moral law and all citizens were morally constrained to abide by and live within the same set of rules. America’s Christian based worldview served as the glue that, however imperfectly, nevertheless held our society together, allowing Americans to live in freedom, order, and decency and to raise their families unmolested. But by and large Americans at every level of society have turned their backs on America’s founding heritage. Forgetting God, they have become autonomous, which really means that the evil religion of mass-man holds sway over America. The "will" of man has replaced God. Fyodor Dostoevsky succinctly summarized the religion of mass-man: "If God is dead then all things are possible. "

This being the case, morality in its every form, from politics to welfare to public nudity and fornication, to whether Tea Partiers are evil or not, whether Rush Limbaugh should be censored or not and whether the Boy Scouts ought to forced into accepting practicing "gays" or not has devolved into the personal likes and dislikes of power-seeking individuals and groups. Consequently America is a battlefield, a war-zone of enemy combatants continuously vying for power. By hook or crook, whoever manages to grab the prize—the ring of power—gets to force their will and way onto everyone else.

In contemporary America, God is dead and all things are possible. All that is necessary is power by any means.