Why the West is Dead and America is Dying

In "Death of the Dollar," Lew Rockwell is saying that when the foundations are destroyed, everything built upon the foundations will eventually die too. If for example the foundations (definitive ideas, meaning, and rules) of basketball are destroyed then basketball will eventually die as well. (Lew Rockwell post: http://patriotsandliberty.com/?p=14119 ) In that the foundation of the dollar is gold (unchanging value), it stands to reason that the removal of the gold standard means the devaluation and eventual death of the dollar.

The Western civilized world arose to greatness on the wings of Christian theism. For example, the ideal of equality, or "all men are created equal" is firmly grounded in the Genesis account of creation where it speaks of God creating all men in His own spiritual image. In other words, the living souls of all men, not just some chosen few, are in the spiritual image of God. This truly radical idea caused the "elect" of the pagan world to bitterly complain that Christianity was turning their world upside-down. Why? Because the slaves, the millions of human beasts of burden who had lived and died in miserable anonymity from the time of Nimrod, were suddenly made equal to the chosen, the divine kings, aristocracy, philosophers, and privileged citizens. And worse, the chosen discovered that they were sinners who would stand before the Divine Judge upon the death of their bodies, an idea both offensive and horrifying.

That the living souls of all men, everywhere and over time, are created in the spiritual image of the living, personal God the Father Almighty is the foundation of equality. There is no other foundation, which means that as soon as the West began turning away from God the Father, the West was doomed to die.

The German philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche foresaw this eventuality, and as one with all of the West's God-haters, was jubilant. With the death of God the Father Almighty, the Ultimate Foundation of the West, everything built upon Him will die the death, said Nietzsche. From Original Sin to Judgement, heaven, hell, the equality of human souls, the two sexes, moral absolutes, sexual ethics (i.e., monogamy, fidelity), individual freedoms, property ownership, and the right to self-defense, all will eventually die, once the Foundation has been destroyed.

In place of God the Father would be divinized man. In place of moral absolutes would be moral relativism. Replacing equality of souls would be Darwinian "natural selection," meaning that some souls are more highly evolved than others and therefore worthy while all others are unworthy and can be eradicated or made use of by the privileged. In place of the two sexes would be "gays" "transexuals" and an ever-increasing number of alternative sexes. In place of "we the people" would be oligarchs and their privileged few, which today are called "special rights groups."

We cannot understand what has gone so wrong here in the West unless we see it in this context: When the foundation has been destroyed, everything built upon it will eventually wither away and die as well.