Worldview Weekend There has been a huge breakthrough in the coming 666 Surveillance System as a Skin Tattoo was developed that allows for transmission of information from the skin! This is one of the breakthroughs I have been looking for. This Tattoo will even be able to monitor the brain.

What is needed to implement the 666 system is something that is inexpensive and easily administered to the people. This Tattoo is a long way toward that goal. What is also needed is a Tattoo that will receive radio waves as well as transmit. There is still technology needed to implement the 666 Surveillance System, but great strides have been made. You can expect more breakthroughs like this coming soon. The system is really starting to take shape before our eyes.

Everyone who rejects the Lord Jesus Christ will go under this system and will be damned for eternity. A perfect electronic mouse/man trap is being built, and we are watching it step by step.

I posted lots of good information about the 666 Surveillance System. It is all coming together like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. Because of the prophetic word of God, we know what it is going to look like which it is not pretty.

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