The West's Sick Society: At Issue...Free Will or No Free Will?

Robert Wistrich, author of "Britain's Sick Society," wrote: "Watching the ferocious criminality displayed during the riots in British cities during the past weeks, one might be forgiven for thinking that this explosion of mob violence was taking place in some dilapidated god-forsaken Third World country. The horrific scenes of homes and businesses of ordinary Britons going up in flames will not be easily forgotten. Property was smashed up with brazen impunity, cars burned, and there was looting on a truly massive scale. Not only businesses, banks, post-offices, off-licenses, newsagents and luxury-goods shops but also restaurants, pubs and cafes were comprehensively trashed."

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The West is crazily careening along a highway to Hell marked by mindlessness and lawlessness, and it was the bearded God-killers of a century or more ago, Darwin, Nietzsche, Marx and Freud who put the West on this highway. So it is that St. Augustine and his classic "Confessions" has much to tell us as he lived in a mileau much like our own. All of the natural philosophies, superstitions and science that marked Augustine's time, having been reinvented under different names, are the operative assumptions of our own age.

On page 19 Augustine tells us that the method of natural philosophers and astrologers (scientists) was to ascribe something of the divine to:

"wicked men, so that crimes should not be called crimes and whoever was guilty of such things might appear to be only following in the footsteps, not of abandoned men, but of the heavenly gods."

Astrologers do away with personal accountability and wholesome truth when they say:

"The cause of your sin is inevitably determined by the stars"...."Venus was responsible here, or Saturn or Mars." (p. 58)

In this view the gods are within man, and unless man gives into his baser desires, he will be driven insane. In other words, lacking free will, man is always and everywhere a helpless victim both of the gods and of forces (movement of heavenly bodies) external to him. In his they full of covetousness, perverse lusts, and envy, and in his they dripping with malignant ill-intent, and in his they cruelly vicious, even is not guilty for he is the helpless victim of the gods within and forces without.

Evolutionary materialism did away with God the Father, sin, man's soul, and free will by reducing everything to matter and the forces and energies that animate matter. In this view, man is a machine completely controlled and determined by unseen forces of nature. With his psychology, Freud completely returned the West to the insanity that marked Augustine's time with his supposedly "scientific" claim that the suppression of inner desires, compulsions, and appetites---especially aberrant sexual appetites---cause mental disease.

For over a century, evolutionary materialism in tandem with Freudianism have been undermining the West's Christian-based heritage. Thus today, vast numbers of contemporary Westerners are repelled by the very worldview on which the West arose to heights of glory.

With ever-increasing numbers of Westerners converted to evolutionism and Freudian and now Jungian psychology, free will and personal accountability for one's bad decisions and actions has all but disappeared and been replaced by the "progressive politics of victimization," which is really just the insanity of Augustine's time reinvented for our own age.

All men know that they have free will, there is simply no way that we can't not know this. Every time we choose one color over another, or one candidate over another, or choose to tattoo our skin or not, to lie or not, to hate or not, to forgive or not, or abort the unborn or not, we exercise the capacity to choose.

So it is not that we don't know that we have free will, it's that many of us today don't want to know. So we choose self-delusion, denial and hypocrisy in order that we can liberate ourselves to do as we please. But whereas the ancients transferred their personal guilt onto the movement of heavely bodies and gods, contemporary progressive naturalists transfer their personal guilt onto a pantheon of contemporary "external forces" and "gods." Within the West's ever-expanding pantheon of scientific "gods and forces" are for example, racism, sexism, majority oppression, heterophobism, capitalism, economic despair, fundamentalism, moral absolutes, patriarchalism, the Tea Party, cuts in welfare, Thatcherism, and conservatism.

Rejection of the West's Christian heritage is a choice as freely made as the choice to affirm evolutionism and psychology but reject the Genesis account, free will, and personal accountability. Just so, America's barbarian flash mobs and the thugs who descended upon British cities, terrorizing, destroying, looting and murdering chose to commit these evils. No one forced them---it was their decision to commit evil. Just so, the West's and America's liberal intelligentsia choose to hate and seek the destruction of the West and of traditional America.

The key point is this:

Evolutionism negates free will and personal accountability by speaking of man as being "caused" to do bad things by forces both within and external to himself while the West's Christian heritage says the exact opposite....that man has free will and must be held responsible for his bad choices. As Robert Wistrich makes clear in his article, "Britain's Sick Society," the politics of victimhood (negation of free will and personal accountability) and the liberal intelligentsia (evolutionary progressivism) go together like two rotten peas in a pod, and working together, are forcing the West to self-destruct. .......Linda