Al Gore: Save Environment, Eat Less Meat

Godfather Politics Good ole Al Gore, former Senator from Tennessee and Vice President under Bill Clinton, once again opens his mouth instead of his brain.

During an interview with FearLess Revolution founder Alex Bogusky, Gore told him that the problems with global warming are linked to industrial agriculture and the clearing of forests to make room to raise more cattle. He then advocated for everyone to reduce the amount of meat we eat so that there will be less of a demand for cattle, thus reducing the amount of forests being cut down.

In many areas where forests are being cut down, it is generally due to the expansion of housing and farming. In reality, only a small percentage of clear cut areas are done so for the sole purpose of raising cattle.

In the past, Gore has advocated eating less meat because of the amount of methane produced by livestock. This goes along with how our government is sending millions of dollars to other countries like Thailand to help them find a way to capture the methane gas from pig farms.

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