Asheville, NC: Cops Allow Public Striptease and Sex

By Bob Unruh© 2011 WND

A new complaint has been filed with the police department in Asheville, N.C., alleging that its officers allowed "a striptease involving sexual performance on a city fountain" and "underage" girls to expose themselves "to adult males with cameras."

The new complaint was submitted by Carl Mumpower, a clinical psychologist who legally is obligated to notify authorities of suspected child abuse. It follows earlier complaints Mumpower and local conservative activist Chad Nesbitt filed with child protective services and the office of the state attorney general claiming child abuse in a staged public event in which women stripped off their shirts and exposed their breasts.

In North Carolina, some exposure of the female breast is allowed, but not in the presence of children, who were at the Aug. 20 event that is prompting the complaints.

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