Dallas Baptist Church's Sept. 11 message: America is doomed

OneNewsNow.com DALLAS - America is doomed. That's the message that will be preached at First Baptist Church of Dallas starting on Sunday evening -- the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

An online video promoting a new sermon series titled "Twilight's Last Gleaming" asks, "Are we witnessing America's last days?"

Amid ominous music, it invites churchgoers to "discover why America's collapse is inevitable," and "how to prepare for the coming persecution against Christians in America."

The Dallas megachurch's senior pastor, Rev. Robert Jeffress, believes "America is too far gone to be saved," but he believes Christians can delay its collapse so they can win more converts.

"I'm going to talk about what we can do to delay God's ultimate judgment upon our country," he tells Associated Press. "But the only reason we want to push back against evil and try to delay God's judgment is so that we can be light, pointing people to Jesus Christ."

America's collapse is inevitable, he says. "Now I'm not Harold Camping, predicting that it's going to come on some specific date," cautions the pastor. "But all we have to do is to read the Bible to know that the world is going to end, which means America is going to end -- and that means we're eventually we are not going to save this country."

According to Jeffress, several Supreme Court decisions have doomed the country. "When you remove prayer, when you allow the killing of children, and when you destroy the basic underpinnings of the family, you have destroyed the infrastructure of any culture," he states. "God is no respecter of nations. The nation that fears God will be blessed by God; the nation that turns away from God will be judged by God -- and I think this Sunday is a good Sunday to remember that."

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