Ordo Ab Chao: New World Order Evolves Out of Chaos

Ancient Sumerians and Egyptians held that god and man were of a common substance. There was no point at which one could erect a boundary line and state that here the one substance changed from divine, superhuman, and immortal to human and mortal as this common substance was shared by the entire universe in varying degrees. Both gods and men evolved out of Chaos, the very first substance in existence. Chaos generated life, and though it is the source of life it is also its enemy because life requires order. Chaos and life were thus in a necessary tension, for life without chaos becomes death, but life which surrenders to chaos and abandons order is also death. Here we have the dialectic of man in the ancient world: chaos and life, a dialectic which undergirds contemporary thought grounded on evolutionism, or continuous change, another word for chaos.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, former Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1899-1902) expressed well the modern evolutionary dialectic when he asserted:

"Nothing is certain but change."

Evolution (continuous change) has taken the West by storm. It is taken for granted throughout college curriculum. It undergirds biological and earth sciences, Freudian and Jungian psychology, anthropology, sociology, politics, law, economics, the media, arts, medicine, and increasingly, the body of the Church.

The "force" behind evolution---the idol of Change--- has "vitalized" the Constitution bringing it to life so that now it "lives, breathes and continuously changes" thus no longer has any fixed meaning, unchanging intent or stability. The idol of Change has rendered obsolete our unalienable rights. They are but dinosaurs of an age bypassed by the winds of change, or progress.

"Change" has seized the Western imagination, hence its destructive winds are everywhere at work, tearing down and annihilating everything that exists. It has thus far annihilated fixed meaning, norms, tradition, stability, and reality and swept us into a whirlwind, a vortex of nonstop motion. Where once we united around common tradition, truths, and morality, Change has swept all of that aside, leaving us with nothing more than the babel of the personal opinions of millions of change-agents. And as each change-agent has his or her own opinion to which they have a "right" no one need heed any opinion but their own, and so Obama and his change-agents do not. And why should they, seeing that masses of Americans have rejected the stability, enduring principles, fixed standards, meaning and norms undergirding the founding documents and embraced instead "evolutionary change."

The people demand change, but the change they cry out for necessitates the tearing down of America's borders and the total destruction of the American way of life, for out of Chaos (change) comes the New World Order.

There is only one thing we can do to stop the process of change, and that is to turn around and march back to America's Christian-based worldview foundation. However, I doubt very much that evolution-obsessed Americans will do this.