Texas Student Punished for His Christian Faith (Video)

Godfather Politics Fourteen year old Dakota Ary attends Western Hills High School in Fort Worth Texas. He is an honor student, plays football and has never been in trouble at school; that is until earlier this week.

According to Dakota, the topic of homosexuality has been discussed on a number of occasions in his German language class. When the topic came up in class again this week, he told the student behind him that he was a Christian and that he believed being a homosexual was wrong. His German teacher overheard his comment and started yelling at him and threatened to write him up with an infraction and then sent him to the school’s office. Upon hearing what had taken place and what Dakota had said, the assistant principal gave Dakota a two day suspension from school.

The school called Dakota’s mom, Holly Pope to inform her that her son was in trouble. After Pope expressed her dissatisfaction with the school’s actions, the suspension was reduced from two days down to one day. Pope was still not satisfied that the school insisted on punishing her son for expressing his Christian belief to another student.

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