America's Schools More Secular Atheist than Britain's

Creation Revolution by R.L. David Jolly


In some ways, the US has been following about 20-40 years behind Great Britain. Among those ways is religion. Church attendance in Great Britain has been steadily declining, and now reports that less than 2% of the British people attend church on a regular basis. In many cities across their land, churches have closed their doors due to lack of attendance. Some church buildings remain empty while others have been turned into pubs, nightclubs and Muslim mosques.

The only places in Great Britain where church attendance is on the rise are those areas being taken over by Muslims. A sad statistic is that far fewer Christians attend regular church service than almost any other religion in the world. Muslims have one of the highest church attendance figures in the world. This is why some churches in Great Britain have been converted into mosques.

The trend of regular church attendance in the US has also been steadily dropping. While the rate of regular attendance is still significantly higher than in Great Britain, some trend forecasters place American church attendance to be only 40 years behind them. At the current rates of decline, in 40-50 years, America could see regular church attendance drop below the 5% mark.

As secular as Great Britain has become, their school system still allows for the teaching of biblical creation. Some noted creationists, such as Phillip Bell, have been invited to speak at some of the schools there. This is why people like Richard Dawkins are up in arms and wanting the laws changed to ban any and all teaching of creation and the Bible from their schools. And to be honest, it probably won’t be much longer until they succeed.

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