Saudi Columnist: Hitler Was Right About the Jews

Right Side News "Regardless of our views on Adolf Hitler, his book Mein Kampf contains many stories and much philosophical commentary worth reading. Hitler's position vis-à-vis the Jews was not capricious. It was a position he formulated over dozens of years of observing them, zealously [defending] them, and arguing with those who denied they were German citizens. Eventually he discovered that the Jew was only a Jew [and not a German].

"In his book [Mein Kampf], he castigates the Jews first and foremost for Germany's defeat in World War I. While the [German] army fought on the front, the Jews organized demonstrations to overthrow the monarchy in Bavaria and several [other] regions in Germany, and even called for munitions manufacturers to strike. This shocked the German soldier, for how [could he] sacrifice his life on the battlefield while the workers who were supposed to send bullets to the front were striking? Hitler, himself a young soldier, returned to his country after [Germany's] defeat, [only] to discover that the revolution had already broken out and that in its course, [Kaiser] Wilhelm II had been overthrown in a cunning Jewish plot.

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