Sodomizing the Military

Worldview WeekendJohn McTernan

It feels like a part of America died today when the military was officially sodomized. This is not the same country now. I had things to do and drove around, while everything looked the same there was a dread in my spirit. Today America crossed the Rubicon with the LORD. There is no turning back now. God's righteous judgments are on the way with little covering from the church. I think it is now time for individuals to pray for their protection during judgment as the nation is naked before the Holy God of Israel in judgment.

What is so sad is that the church surrendered without a fight, without even a whimper. The fear of God was long ago drained out of the church with the vast amount of hirelings preaching from the pulpits. That probably goes along with the vast amount of people sitting in the pews, who did not want to hear about God being holy and walking in the fear of Him.

This lukewarmness towards God did not start yesterday. The church failed to stand up in the 1960's when prayer and Bible reading was removed from the schools and the separation of church and state was instituted. Only a tiny fraction stood up when abortion was legalized, and less stood up when the laws of sodomy fell. Where was the prayer and fasting for an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit?

The church did not stand up when the modern translations mutilated the word of God and removed that the Lord Jesus was the only begotten Son of God along with so many other verses. I guess if the church would not stand to defend the word of God how can one expect to stand up for anything else?

This is all a symptom of a lukewarm church that has lost spiritual reality and replaced it with religious games. The church has such a great heritage in America and threw it away for what? I am at loss for words. In fact, I feel ashamed to live in modern America where the church sat back and let God haters of every stripe advance their godless agenda WITHOUT A FIGHT!

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