British Lawyer to Americans: Fight Back Now While You Can

MassResistance Britain's most prominent pro-family lawyer told activists at the MassResistance Banquet on Sept. 18 that they had better fight now or it will be too late. English Barrister Paul Diamond has been involved with numerous high-profile cases in the UK and also on the European continent defending pro-family people against the tyranny of the state and corporations.

He gave a riveting talk and answered questions about what's happening in Britain right now, and how America is on that same horrible path unless we take action now. He came to the US exclusively to speak to MassResistance, and during his stay was also interviewed on several radio stations in Massachusetts and across the country.

His message was blunt: "You've got to stop this now in America while you still can."

Cultural upheaval in Britain Diamond compared today's U.S. society to Britain's in 1997. "We thought it was stable; we'd had centuries of religious tolerance," he said. Then in 1997 came a huge change in the political culture. "Human rights, equality, and non-discrimination" became buzz words backed by law, and began to be forcefully enforced against Christians by the courts.

Now 14 years later, a British couple cannot be foster parents because their Judeo-Christian beliefs are considered "homophobic." A judge ruled children must be protected from "infection" by such beliefs. The hostility of judges against religious people has even extended to their being considered as "terrorists," he said. Anti-discrimination laws have become tools to discriminate.

Diamond's personal "terrifying wake-up call" came in 2004 when a 70-year old street preacher was knocked to the ground and beaten by a gang of 30 youths because he unfurled a banner urging people to leave homosexuality and return to Jesus. Rather than arresting the attacking gang members, British police arrested the victim; they charged the preacher with inciting the attackers by "speaking hate speech."

Although Diamond had a lucrative law practice at the time, he decided then to change his priorities. "There's no point in having money if you're revolted by the country you're living in," he said. "And America is not immune to this."

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