Geithner: Obama Is Not In Charge

GodFather Politics According to The European Union Times, the Russian Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko prepared a report about the Eurogroup meeting of the Informal Economic and Financial Affairs Council in Wroclaw, Poland. In it, she said that the EU Finance Minsters were stunned after Timothy Geithner appeared uninvited to the meeting and started yelling at the participants for their bad economic policies in handling the European debt. After asked whether this is the position of his President, Barack Obama, Geithner replied, “Obama is not in charge.”

The EU Finance Ministers are not the only ones stunned. Those of us who have been following Geithner’s career are stunned too. What does Mrs. Nesterenko mean, that Timothy Geithner really said something true in his life? She must be kidding!

Seems like some moral transformation happens to Geithner when he crosses the Atlantic. On this side he can’t say anything else but lies. On the other side he tells the truth – both about the EU handling of their debt and about the incompetence and the inability of his Democrat President to handle the highest government position in this nation. There must be something really redeeming about flying over the Big Pond if it can transform a habitual, shameless liar into a fervent prophet of the truth. May be we need to keep Geithner over in Europe longer, and organize for him as many European meetings as we can. This way we may be able to learn lots of truths about the real mess Obama and his cronies have cooked for us this side of the Atlantic.

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