Why Many Conservatives Can't See What's Wrong

GodFather Politics If you’re like me, I listen to talk radio whenever I can. My wife and I just came back from a five-day trip to the coast of Georgia. We have a three-month trial of Sirius Satellite radio in our car. We listened to hours of people calling into shows on numerous political topics. I want to say that a lot of people are stupid, but it’s not true. There are a lot of intelligent people who are ignorant. They haven’t studied an issue in depth.

A good number of them have been brainwashed by academic gobbledygook similar to a scene in Back to School starring Rodney Dangerfield. Dangerfield’s character is sitting in a business class where the professor is setting up a fictional company that makes widgets. Dangerfield, a prosperous businessman, asks, “What’s a Widget?” The exchange between Dangerfield and the professor is priceless. You can read it here (start with “There are two kinds of people in business today…”) and see it here. Notice the response of the students. Being book-smart does not make a person wise.

Then there’s the self-interest group. Smart people know enough that a policy might affect them personally, so they vote, not out of principle, but out of how they can benefit from a program even if that program is unconstitutional. We often wonder why millionaires vote for liberals. They know that liberal policies throw money at certain sectors of the economy. They want a piece of the action.

Then there are the Ostriches with their heads in the sand. They want to know why we’re “attacking the president.” They whine that we should “give him a chance.” These people, who are generally conservative, believe a problem will go away if we don’t make trouble. “Can’t we all get along,” they ask. “If we’re nice to people,” they reason, “they’ll be nice to us.” These people have no cultural awareness. They live in a fantasy land of their own making where they can’t make distinctions.

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