Roadmap to Impeachment: Obama's Endless List of Impeachable Offenses

Rightside Newsby Eliana Benador

As days go by, Americans seem to have entered a permanent, soporific state and have decided to, dutifully, wait until 2012 to remove the current tenant of the White House -and who has recently raised in the the world barometer, to be crowned probably as one of the most uneducated presidents in the history of what used to be the world superpower.

Recent MSM headlines

Just as 20 of Bahrain's physicians were being sentenced to prison terms of 5-15 years for treating victims of peaceful demonstrations, according to Al Jazeera, the US Government report showed a $112M rise in arms sales to Bahrain, in the shape of a package of 200M, much of it involving aircraft and military electronics. The US also licensed $760,000 in exports of rifles, shotguns and assault weapons in 2010. By contrast, US military exports to Bahrain in 2009 totaled $88M.

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