The Canadian "Mental Environmentalists" Face behind Occupy Wall Street

By Judi

If you are a factory owner or in the business of making widgets in today’s America, you are a capitalist pig and Occupy Wall Street protesters will use you as an excuse for anarchy with violent signs that read: "Eat the Rich".

If you are a Michael Moore or a Susan Sarandon, making millions in the film world, Wall Street protesters will eat you up, sing your praises and bow forever at just the mention of your name.

George Orwell penned long ago, “Some animals are more equal than others”.

The face of the Occupy Wall Street protest is a Canadian one.

It’s the face that belongs to AdBusters owner Kalle Lasn, but can’t be found on AdBusters website. Canada Free Press (CFP) went to the Way Back Machine to bring Lasn forward today.

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