Matt Barber: Onward, Christian Soldiers Liberals are nervous. They should be. As the 2012 election grows closer a soft rumble builds throughout thousands of Evangelical Christian churches across America. Pastors and churchgoers alike are waking up to the disturbing reality that we as a nation have strayed drastically from our historical Judeo-Christian moorings.

Though many may try, none can honestly deny that the results have been devastating to our culture.

Once the political tectonic plates shift, there is bipartisan agreement that we can expect an earthshaking groundswell of grassroots advocacy and action to rival - if not surpass - the 2010 Tea Party effect.

Along with their ideological Tea Party cousins - many of whom are one and the same - tens of millions of potential Bible-believing voters are being encouraged - to the extent they need encouragement - to vote their values in 2012. The catalyst? President Obama's discredited secular-socialist push to "fundamentally transform America."

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