Democrat, thy name is Judas

Renew AmericaBy Hassan Nurullah

To search the depths of liberal false beliefs, reveals the cause of our dire circumstance. Our course as a nation is not upright, because we did forget the Lord's plumb line.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

America waxes worse and worse as we stray further from this simple Biblical principle. We have placed the temporal above the spiritual and embraced man's economy, while disregarding God's all together. This is the essential dictum separating the greater part of those subscribing to conservative thought and the liberal mindset. The following of leftist thinking has delivered us to this sorry point in American history.

I have maintained since becoming a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, after having studied the Holy Bible and found it to be evenly derived — the very word of God. It is therefore vexing to me that anyone could confess Christ and vote Democrat. I have personally been unable to determine how I could do so.

Between President Bill Clinton's first and second terms I was saved. I voted for Mr. Clinton the first time, but could not support him the second. Nor has there been a candidate on the Democrat side I could rally behind in good conscience since.

Before the reactionaries begin to accuse me of being naive, let me assure you I do not see it as a cut-and-dry, Democrat bad, Republican good affair.

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