They Want A Bloody Revolution

Godfather Politics excerpt: Once the mob starts down the road of violence to justify the first “just cause,” there is no way to stop the radical remedy because there’s always one more thing that needs to be changed. They already had killed tens of thousands, what’s ten thousand more?

It was the right wing that opposed the revolution. Its leaders wanted to organize France along lines similar to the British constitutional model. Keep in mind that revolutionaries are left wingers. Socialism is leftwing. Communism is leftwing. Nazism (National Socialism) is leftwing. Modern-day liberals are left wingers. They understand the connection so well that they now call themselves “Progressives.” When you hear “Progressive politics,” think left wing, think socialism, think French revolutionaries. The radicals of the 1960s were leftwing agitators who had a truck load of “just causes” that led to mob violence, blowing up buildings, and calls for the violent overthrow of the “system.”

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