A fairy tale Gospel Where Everybody Lives Happily Ever After

Faultline USA Christian Universalism is an unorthodox, unbiblical, erroneous, and heretical doctrine that states that God will eventually bring everybody who has ever lived into a saving relationship with Him. It is the fanciful belief that everybody will eventually be saved because God is too kind and loving to condemn anyone to Hell.

Today I came across an interesting Christian Universalism article on The Christian Post "Is There Grace Beyond the Grave?" The author, Diane Perkins Castro, believes that we all will get another chance to repent even after death and she wonders:

At the very end of his life, Muammar Gadhafi changed from an arrogant, ruthless tyrant to a terrified, whimpering child, just in the face of the wrath and judgment of men. What will he do before God Almighty?

In Ms. Castro's reality it would be rather foolish, if not downright stupid, to reject another chance at salvation once we've finally seen the truth of God after we die.

To insist that no unbeliever would ever turn to Christ after death, even if he were given the chance, is a tacit admission that something is not right: If we say that there is no chance to repent, then we find ourselves compelled to say that no one would take it anyway, because we recognize that if some would indeed ask for forgiveness, then it is unfair not to offer it. So the standard position is to maintain that no one who has rejected God in this life would ever receive Him in the next, even if he had the opportunity.

Yet that assertion flies in the face of common sense. For one thing, there will be no atheists after death. All the philosophical questions about the existence of God will go out the window when a person stands before the living God. And any illusions a person may have about his own goodness will be dispelled when he stands before the holy God. Those who rejected Him in this life thinking He was cruel will see that He is truly a loving God.

Apparently faith isn't part of Ms. Castro's salvation equation. As she correctly pointed out, after death there will be no questions left to ask so there's no need for faith either.

And what about justice? Does God's justice give a free pass after death to the world's Read More: http://faultlineusa.blogspot.com/2011/10/fairy-tale-gospel-where-everybody-lives_24.html