Military Homosexuals Sue for Marriage

OneNewsNow BOSTON - A group of married "gay" current and former military personnel has sued the federal government, seeking equal recognition, benefits and the same support as married heterosexual couples.

The lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court in Boston says the government's Defense of Marriage Act violates their constitutional rights and asks the military to recognize their marriages. The suit was filed by the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network.

Executive director Aubrey Sarvis says homosexual service members deserve the same protections as heterosexual couples because they make the same sacrifices.

Opponents of President Obama's decision to oveturn "don't ask, don't tell" policy warned that such a lawsuit would be coming once that restriction was removed.

Under current law, the Pentagon is required to ignore same-sex "marriages." However, the Obama administration has already stated publicly that it will not enforce the the Defense of Marriage Act that restricts marriage to a man and a woman.

The lawsuit names as defendants the Secretary of Defense, the U.S. Attorney General and the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

A Pentagon spokeswoman did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.