Crossing Up the Ungodly

By Judi

Whiteville, TN Mayor James Bellar may have come up with a way to (at least figuratively speaking) skin the atheists and their lawyers.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) which legally sees to the removal of any sign of religious activity or symbol under penalty of lawsuit threat, recently took it upon itself to slap a lawsuit on the Town of Whiteville for having a cross on top of its water tower.

Trying to avoid costly litigation in the middle of a Recession, the mayor came up with his own original way to beat the rap: He brought in a crane and had one arm of the cross removed in protest.

If the mayor still finds himself in court, he can honestly claim that FFRF is seeing things because there is no cross atop the Whiteville water tower.

But anyone who sees the one-armed reminder of where the cross once stood will vividly remember how it came to be.

James Bellar proves there is at least one American mayor, not goose-stepping to the march of the UN which controls through Agenda 21 many, if not most, civic governments; one mayor who truly lives up to the courtesy title of “His Worship”.

Nashville lawyer Alvin Harris is not likely to forget the letter Bellar wrote to him saying, “This brings to a close a sad chapter in the history of Whiteville that can be best described as terroristic, cowardly and shameful! The fear and terror caused our older people here is shameful. So shame on your client and your firm!”

The lawsuit was dropped and the only threat now facing Mayor Bellar is that FFRF, who have filed him under ‘B’ for “bizarre”, will be watching.

Big Brother has been watching Small Town America for decades, but somehow the cows still come home at dusk in the surrounding countryside.

People across the land who see the symbol of the cross as a sign of hope should take a page from Mayor James Bellar’s book.

They should start a Movement based on the old adage that “There is more than one way to skin a cat”.

While anti-freedom religion groups go after wooden crosses in public places, the towns teens could be out in the community with a bar of everyday soap. It would take only milliseconds to soap small crosses on every supermarket window, everywhere transparent glass is available, including lawyer’s offices.

Catching cross drawers would be all but impossible for the big city-groups and their lawyers.

How long could they pay for teams of private investigators to watch the streets and roads of small towns?

The Cross Brigade could leech into other areas just as the far left activists and agents of Marxist governments are doing in city parks.

In the spirit of Mayor James Bellar, the Cross Brigade could start a movement to Return City Parks to the Homeless, the squirrels and the raccoons.

Those who warm park benches for a little quiet from the ongoing struggle of life in a Recession and the gathering of nuts have a right to see that parks returned to what planners designed them for.

Viva forever His Worship James Bellar!