Why Jesus Christ is Hated

In his report, "Jesus' Name Ruled Unconstitutional," author Drew Zahn writes that the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State claim even "a solitary reference to Jesus Christ in invocations before the Forsythe County Board of Commissioners' meetings could do violence to the pluralistic and inclusive values that are a defining feature of American public life." (Read more: Jesus' name ruled 'unconstitutional' http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=361461#ixzz1cMgWdozk )

In other words, the 'angel of evolution' has caused America to 'evolve' away from its Christian foundations and in the name of change, embrace polytheism instead. Polytheism---multitudes of gods, goddesses, and spirits---is the underlying meaning of pluralism (many gods) and inclusive values (many 'moralities').

There really is nothing new under the sun, and if Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, was to appear among us he would affirm this truth.

Paul was intensely hated and feared by two groups of people, the Pharisees and Sadduces on one hand and the Athenian nature philosophers on the other. The contemporary manifestation of the former, is for example the ACLU, while the latter--the nature worshippers--- are materialist monists (secular naturalists) on one hand and idealist pantheist monists (ie. New Age occult spiritualists) on the other.

For both ancient and contemporary atheist Jews and monists the problem centers on the issue of the incarnate God, Jesus Christ. This is because the notion of a distant, unknowable God (Pharisees, Muslims, Deists, Unitarians) or the notion of a God-force immanent and/or identical with nature, therefore of man (ie., Hermetic Mystery Religions, Hermetic Dialectical Materialism, Liberal Christianity, Eastern mysticism) are concepts that most accomodate the pride, lust, covetousness and wrath of men. In short, these concepts place immeasurable power in the hands of fallen, easily corruptible men.

They allow men (ie., gurus, shaman, imams) to set themselves up as the interpreters who may shed light on and even speak for the distant god and/or god-force as the case may be. Over the centuries this function has been filled by Pharisees, Hermetics, Oriental mystics, esoteric speculators and nature philosophers. A short list of contemporary Western interpreters includes Ockham, Joachim de Fiore, Kant, Spinoza, Fichte, Comte, Feuerbach, Hegel, Marx, Darwin, Teilhard de Chardin, Rob Bell, Robert Muller, Al Gore, and Ken Wilber.

According to any of these positions, man becomes by default, by direct or indirect appointment a divine being insofar as he occupies the supreme spiritual role in the universe. The divine-man may cherish the absolute uniqueness of his thoughts, emotions, aspirations, and enthusiasms. His will becomes the highest form of thought, decision, or action.

This is of course the idolatry condemned over and over again by Scripture. It is the primary subject of “Progressive Satanic Revolt: From Nothingness to Worship of Satan,” and of “Rev. 18:3: Evolution…Primordial Heresy as Royal Science of Becoming God,” http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/kimball/110503

In contrast, a living, personal incarnate God, a theandros, presents to man an immediate form of the living, personal Absolute God outside of and discontinuous with man and nature. This God is near enough to man to be known, to know man’s thoughts, and be consulted. The incarnate God imposes on man decisive limitations, ie., the finiteness of man’s mind, his falleness, and the two sexes, male and female. He requires that man give an account of himself during his time here on earth.

In conclusion, modern man is entirely confortable with distant gods and god-forces but not with Jesus Christ, the incarnate God.

Thus today witches, vampires, goddesses, Druids, Satanists, atheists, shamans, Aztec elders, 'gays,' and Islamists are tolerated and admired but orthodox Christians and faithful Jews are not. Allah, Sophia, the Great Spirit, Cosmic Christ, Gaia, Ein Soph, the Force, dialectical matter, and Lucifer are entirely welcome but God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is not. But then did not Jesus Christ predict all of this? Yes, He did. ....Linda