VA State Sen. Edd Houcks Anti-Family Record

Terry BeatleyRightside News

As a concerned mother of two girls, I began searching for answers as to why and how parental rights are being undermined by our government. For example,

Why are minors allowed to receive abortions with a judicial bypass without the consent of their parents, yet the parents are held financially liable if their child is hospitalized or suffers post-abortive psychological complications?

Why do certain school systems deny parents the right to opt their children out of government mandated sex education?

Who gains by voting against legislation that protects parental authority? And why do certain legislators protect industries that exploit children?

I found some of the answers in New York in 2009. But as explained below, more answers came when I attended Senator Edd Houck’s January 2011 Spotsylvania Townhall meeting.

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