End the Occupation

By Daniel GreenfieldCanadaFreePress.com

The big lie of Occupy Wall Street begins with its name. It isn’t occupying Wall Street, it’s occupying the resources of a city with a budget crisis on its hands.

Wall Street has been locked down since after September 11 and the Zuccotti Park encampment and its associated barricades isn’t doing much to impact the lives of the brokers and financial analysts the idiots in their best protest gear are braying about. The people who are being impacted are the small businesses adjacent to the protesters who are experiencing a return of the post 9/11 lockdown that wiped out so many downtown businesses.

But the people who are suffering the most from the OWS brats are the 1 percent, not the top 1 percent, but the bottom 1 percent, the people who are the most dependent on city services that are being diverted directly or indirectly by OWS.

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