Clean Air for Chinese Communist Party Leaders, None for their Peasants

By Erika

In practice, communism is not and has never been about the cause of 'equality and brotherhood through redistribution and central planning,' or whatever it is that its misty-eyed proponents are getting at. Communism, just like feudalism and fascism, is about keeping the few in power over the masses. That's really it. If all of these Occupy Protesters want to see a little 1%-action, they should take a trip to China, and see how the CPC lords it over their billion peasants living in degradation, poverty, misery, and oppression.

Not only does China have a perfidiously politicized economy, but they spew out pollution like there's no tomorrow. So this report from the NYT is just more gravy on top of the myth that once was communism:

As it turns out, the homes and offices of many top leaders are filtered by high-end devices, at least according to a Chinese company, the Broad Group, which has been promoting its air-purifying machines in advertisements that highlight their ubiquity in places where many officials work and live.

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