Leftist Exploitation of Race Issue

David LimbaughTownhall.com

It's almost 2012, and we have a black president, yet the white ghost of racial tensions still haunts our national politics. Will it ever end?

Far too many liberals continue to paint conservatives as racists based on their ideological leanings and party affiliation. Some believe it; others know better but milk it for their political gain. Still others selfishly and recklessly cling to this view to make themselves feel morally superior, wholly indifferent to their own immorality in impugning a category of people in the same way racists categorically impugn entire races of people and wholly indifferent to the facts.

Columnist Tony Norman recently argued that "most blacks" are amazed that some blacks can make so many white conservatives feel comfortable with them. These blacks do so, in Norman's opinion, by blaming themselves for their own plight. No one, says Norman, has perfected this art more than Herman Cain.

It's the same old song; nothing has changed for those who are too embittered to quit singing it or who refuse to consider the possibility that their prejudicial assessments are wrong. Nothing (SET ITAL) will be allowed to change (END ITAL) by others who profit politically and financially for exploiting racial acrimony.

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